Pakaloa Custom Surfboard Wholesale

Custom SurfBoard Wholesale

Pakaloa Custom SurfBoards Wholesale

It’s the difference that matters!

A custom surfboard can make a lot of difference in your surfing experience. When it is co-branded for your special event, it offers nothing else but pure and unique fun. Custom surfboards are made just for you, and in the exact form, you like it. The unique design, detail, and finishing that is added help you realize the fun and difference in customized boards and off-the-rack surfboards. If you want to have an exciting surf adventure with your family or group of friends, order Pakaloa Custom Surfboards today.

Custom Surfboards made for unique surfers

Pakaloa custom surfboards are the perfect choice for surfers who love to surf different type of wave. It does not only guarantee high performance, its custom designed to complement your fitness, event, and the waves you surf.

All our surfboards are handcrafted, innovative and surfable. Whether longboards, shortboards, finless surfboards, beginner surfboards or standup paddleboards, we got you covered.

If you’re looking to make a line of surfboards for your brand, special event or surf party, we make your purchase very easy and straightforward. We also offer customization options for dealers who would like to order surfboards in bulk. The best part is that wholesalers, retailers or anyone looking to buy in bulk can now process their orders online, right here on our website. They get to choose from different models, designs, colors or other details that they prefer.

Need Custom Surfboards for a Special Event?

We’d be happy to accept your custom orders. We invite you to explore our website, select the right choice that meets your needs and send us your requirements. For everything else, we are available 24/7. Get in touch with us today (contact page or 24/7 live chat )

(We can design it for you)

Pakaloa Custom Surfboards Wholesale

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