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Pakaloa Announces Partnership with Sublimz

Pakaloa is pleased to announce their partnership with Sublimz, a 24/7 community management company that delivers a means for companies of all sizes to receive a professional, committed community management team.

Sublimz and Pakaloa are partners for your success

This incredible partnership means every Pakaloa customer can work with Sublimz with a 25% discount – available on every Sublimz packages for all Pakaloa customers.

As surfers themselves, Pakaloa knows firsthand what sea lovers want and appreciate, and also their boards and equipment are carefully crafted with that in mind. Pakaloa creates the goods, and their chosen partner businesses promote them to the consumer.

Sublimz is professionals in the field, and they can give Pakaloa an outsider’s point of view. They will be able to bring fresh insights as well as their experiences and knowledge. Moreover, because they work with many other businesses and industries, they will surely bring the best practices into Pakaloa with great success regarding setting clear, relevant marketing objectives and always aligning the marketing goals with Pakaloa’s business goals.

About Pakaloa

Pakaloa is a unique surf firm that sells boards, equipment, and gear. They value where their goods are made and where they end up.

The Pakaloa team thinks that as surfers and ocean enthusiasts, they have to safeguard their environment and keep “clean” practices in regards to where their products are sourced. They invest too much time in the water to overlook the simple fact that all their consumer decisions affect their natural surroundings.

As one of Pakaloa’s highly touted values, they believe in supporting the surf market as a whole rather than just focusing solely on their products so that the business can grow in the right direction.

If you want to use your Sublimz discount, ask Pakaloa Team for your free voucher.

Enjoy 😉


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